Thursday, 25 December 2014

255 days on the 25th

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today 25th of December, we celebrate the Best Gift Humanity ever received, Christ Jesus my Lord. 

We will go ahead to eat and be merry and transiently forget our worries . We will cast our cares for a few moments in order to enjoy the bounty laid before us.

Today 25th of December marks the 255th day since our Chibok girls were abducted.  
Their families and friends would also prepare to celebrate this season amidst tears and hope, questions and queries. 

Today 25th of December, I urge us all to celebrate and be glad, yet not cast off all our worries. 
Our sisters are still missing, let's not forget their plight in the midst of the merriment. 

Merry Christmas Nigeria! 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Why, my soul, are you downcast?

Twice today I have been asked ' why are you downcast?" and twice I wondered what changed my countenance.  

I had a great weekend no doubt! Fun filled like I planned, and looked forward to activating my work mode. 

Unfortunately, I was greeted by the news of a recent video released by Boko Haram which showed them slaughtering 'infidels and non believers'. 
To add salt and pepper to my freshly bruised mood, I got to work hoping that JOHESU would have resuscitated the hospital which they paralysed, but alas, as it has been in the last 2 weeks, the JOHESU staff were available but doing nothing! 

They came to sign attendance yet they refused to retrieve medical records of patients, open consulting offices or give me something as simple as a sphygmomanometer to check my patient's blood pressure! 
Yet at the end of the month, they would expect to be paid afterall, they have evidence that they came to work! ( #no work no pay my foot!)

I soon realised that the state of the nation gave me little to be merry about in this merry season! But I refuse to let the state of the nation determine the state of my mind! Never!

Afterall, I am of the common wealth of Zion and I walk by faith and not by sight!  
Be not downcast my soul! Rejoice in the Lord and be glad! For He is thy shield and exceeding great reward! 
He makes me lie down in green pastures, he satisfies my soul and crowns my year with His bounty! 

A thousand may fall by my right hand and ten thousand by my left, it shall not come near me!
Even in famine I shall be satisfied!  

I bask in his love, 
I receive his love daily, 
I am his pet and Nigeria can't change these truths!

So if like me, you find yourself feeling sad or down trodden, remind yourselves of the truths, don't let the devil steak the joy of this season and everyday from you! 

In the Words of King David :

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God, 
For I will yet praise him,
My Savior and My God. 
(Psalms 42 : 5 and 11 ,and 43 :5)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

6000th view, thanks to you!

Guess what guys, I hit my 6000th page view today with my 66th post in my 6th month as a blogger! 

Thank you all for opening my links, reading my posts and commenting both here and personally!

Thank you for keeping tabs on me when I went MIA! 

Thanks Bolu and Toba my esteemed Editors! 

Thank you all for listening and reading! 

Whoop whoop! 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Nigerian Default Mode

Hi fellows.  It has been a while I posted here. It's not that I have been oblivious of the happenings around me, no; it's just that I find myself tuning towards the default mode of most Nigerians: ' that's Nigeria for you'. 

 Over the past few days, I have heard conversation after conversation about how awkward the Nigerian situation is with most of these discussions ending in phrases like: May God help us, Na wa for Nigeria, that's just Nigeria for you, there's nothing we can do etc. 

 I realise that it is convenient to take this stand and just believe that the system can't be improved, but the truth is this belief will cause our already sorry state to degenerate further. 

 The other day on one of the Rapid Transit Buses, I almost shut an elderly man up for spreading hopelessness and discouragement to every young person on board! 
Instead, I put his age into consideration and respectfully told him that his generation has failed and if he won't encourage the younger generation, then he should please stop talking.  

Here's my point: With all the craziness going on in the Nigerian system, it is easy to take the 'siddon look' approach and make ends meet enough to take care of yourself and your immediate family; that's what most of the older generation did. We can't afford to do that!  Not at this point of the Nigerian History.  Time will tell, our Children will ask. And like I always say, God forbid that they also say to us that we failed their generation! 

Let's start to act out our rantings! 
Let our actions be the change we so passionately talk about. 
Take a further step by being the change you wish to see. 
It starts with you and I.