Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Figure Heads?

Happy New Year Folks! 
I know it's rather belated, but...., Better Late than Never. *wink.

I have often wondered what my first post for the year would be; I had several instances when I thought I had found a good subject to write about, but stopped halfway for lack of steam.I however doubt that I would loose steam this time around. 

I haven't travelled much, but the few times I had passed through security check points at our Local and International Airports, I always wondered how effective those searches were; and my sister's experience yesterday confirmed my suspicion : all those points and officials are Figure heads! 

I mean, if they aren't just there for the fun of it, how do you explain the presence of 4 heavily armed civilians on a domestic flight heading out of Lagos to Abuja? 

How do you explain the fact that it took a ' spirit filled' air hostess to suspect o
ne of these guys who then she pried further and found guns in the hand luggage? 

Haba, what happened to all the scanners and gadgets we have to pass through?  
Abi why do we have to put off our shoes and belts when some guys can go past with guns without being detected? 

My younger Sister said ' B8, it could have been a hostage situation, my flight could have been diverted and hijacked ' ; and this is the truth! 

I don't even want to think of all the po
ssibilities! All I want to do is hug my sister and Thank God for His Faithfulness. But mehn! I am worried!

How did they slip through the cracks so easily? 

Did they have an insider? Or is our Airport Security protocol just another figure head like several other agencies that flood our faces with names, uniforms and badges, but whose usefulness the Nigerian people cannot decipher?

I really wonder!