Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Electrocution: our new nemesis

A few months ago, we wouldn't have been having this discussion about electrocutions; not because we didn't have live wires lying all over, but because they were hardly ever powered. In fact, there used to be a joke about spreading your wet clothes on these high tension wires and having nothing to worry about. 

As I listened to the front page review a few days ago, I heard about a first-class accounting student of UNILAG that was electrocuted when a high-tension wire fell on her. While ruminating about the students' protest that ensued and their demand for a 'ransome' for the deceased parents ( I suppose the UNILAG  S.U.G president meant a compensation and not a ransome, after all she wasn't kidnapped), I read online that the driver of a truck was electrocuted in front of Jakande Estate when his high truck came in contact with a high tension wire.  
If you've seen these trucks, you'll know that they always have long poles with which they raise these wires and they had nothing to worry about as these wires were never powered.

 My heart goes out to the families of the deceased but i'd like to remind the public that as we have all been experiencing, this is a new era; every act of electrical escapades that we have hitherto engaged in should stop. 

It's not news that people get ladders and climb up the electric poles to reconnect their building to power supply after PHCN has disconnected them. Please, if you have attempted such in the past or know a local electrician in the neighbourhood that plays the role of a PHCN engineer, remind him that Nigeria is Changing, Buhari is working, PHCN is moving!

Dear PHCN officials, please, please and please, we know that this change seems sudden and drastic, but help us upgrade the system. High-tension wires and poles shouldn't be falling off or lying low.

It's a New Dawn Nigeria. I can't remember the last time I charged my power bank cause electricity supply has been constant. My colleague says she can't remember the last time she bought fuel for her generator. And yet some people still believe PMB is ' baba go slow'.
I wonder what would happen if PMB decided to go on the fast track!