Thursday, 2 July 2015

Disease Alert!

I'ld like to bring to your attention a disease that has been recently named. ‎
It's called Irojulotitis caused by the organism Irojulococus

Irojulococus derives it's name from the Yoruba root word IROJU‎.
‎ It's a concept that makes people settle for what is convenient at the expense of what is beneficial.

Irojulococus affects every aspect of our lives from how we eat to what we eat to how we make money. ‎
‎It affects everything and is one of the causative agents of procrastination‎.
‎Irojulococus is fast and easy but it also fast tracks deadly diseases and disastrous outcomes with ease

Irojulococus makes you defer writing the proposal now; hinders you from making the call now; impedes you from showing up where you volunteered your services.‎

Irojulococus makes you give up easily and makes you a local champion leading blind people,
Irojulococus leads to shortcuts that cuts short.
It conditions you to make excuses your best buddy and assumptions and guessing your bedmates.

Irojulococus would never allow you think or study. It wants what it wants without effort and where it embraces effort it forbids an extra mile.

Irojulococus makes you scorn folks who have results instead of going to ask how they have gone global.

This Irojulococus is also a comforter and a justifier.
It tells you 'God will do what He will do'
'If its God's will it shall be done'; and when it's not done he says 'it's not His will for me'!

With Irojulococus Thomas Edison would have given up on incandescent lamp;‎
Bill Gates would have settled down with windows 95;‎
Mark Zuckerberg would have sold Facebook when 1billion dollars was offered while he struggled to pay salaries.‎

Irojulococus prefers to listen to others and would never fact find anything.
Irojulococus settles for what is displayed on the screen in church than carry a personal bible.
Irojulococus gets excited at 7 steps to...... and 10 ways to........
It looks for more 'easiest ways' when it doesn't work.

Meet someone suffering from Irojulococus and his first question will be: 'what is the easiest way out? '

Irojulococus never blames himself for any adverse situation, instead he manufactures a non existing spirit and heaps the blame on it

Irojulococus greatest inventions are names of spirits responsible for everything

Some of its inventions include;
Ember spirit
Spirit husband
Ancestral spirits
Poverty spirit
Spirit of favour
Spirit of break though
My pastors grace
Spirit of marital delay
Spirit of traffic etc

In short any spirit willing to take the blame off!

In case this organism is already feasting in your system, not to worry.‎
‎Today is another day to start the process of getting rid of it and trust me there is no single drug that can flush it out at once!  It's a process.

Start the process;
Find someone to hold you accountable and tell you the truth and if possible push you; 

Avoid excuses; follow through till it becomes what you saw in your mind; never settle for less (if you saw a billion never settle for 100million)
Appreciate Irojulococus for how far it has led you and let it go its way today.

Written by PF.