Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ba! ba! ember months!

As September began yesterday, my phone became flooded with greetings, well-wishes and of course the prayers about the ember months.
What's the big deal about ember months? What makes them more sacred or more hunted than other months?
Yoruba folks would even go a step further and coin prayer points like ' ninu osu ber ber ber, ibi o ni ba le e' and the likes, meaning in the ember months, may evil not befall you. 

As y'all may know, I love to pray, but what's d point of making some months appear more evil than the other?
Unlike what we have been fed with, I doubt extra demons are particularly released from hell starting from September, neither do we have more witches hunting for extra pints of blood.

The simple truth is that September heralds the festive season, the holiday season and the break seasons.
Lots of families plan their vacations towards the end of the year, a lot of public holidays converge during this lunar season and a lot of parties are scheduled for this period.
Village trips, family reunions, office retreats, and spiritual revivals are all clogged in this season: so the roads are over-burdened!

Spirits are high, free alcohol every where, jolly traffic officials and merry sounds all around!
Therefore, more people tend to throw caution in the air and go on sprees!
Of course, that means more accidents and disasters, more lives lost, more dreams shattered and more blame is ascribed to the devil!

Dear folks, I am not against raising prayer points of protection and security, but after praying, don't forget about safety tips and precautionary methods to avoid needless loss of lives and properties!

I particularly love the ember months because they herald the holiday season! I also get a kick in the butt and a wake up slap in the face in case I had been sluggish or drowsy on the way to achieving the goals I penned down at the beginning of the year!

So here's my prayer point about the ember months: may the ember months embarrass us with mind blowing opportunities that will make our goals achievable and results ' embrace-able'
Happy Ember Months guys!

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